About Rhyl Men’s Shed

We provide a safe, supportive & friendly environment for men of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities to gather together and potter, tend the garden and poly-tunnel, do woodwork, craft and art projects, IT projects (or whatever else we are interested in).

We can learn, pass on knowledge, chat and make new friends or catchup with old ones.
If we don’t feel like working, that’s OK too. We can play / do research on the laptops, read the paper (if someone brings one in) or have a chat, (or just quietly chill) and a brew! We decide amongst ourselves what will happen on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. The shed is run by the men for the men. We do not judge. We are individuals who have a right to be treated fairly and equally. Bullying and harassment is not tolerated. A supportive element is there to help us to promote and stabilise our mental, physical, emotional and economic well being. Care/support workers are welcome to come along and/or stay with their service users (and of course, to lend a hand!) The Rhyl Men’s Shed open door policy means that we do not exclude any man (age 18+) on the basis of race, ability/disability, religion or age within the context of the groups existence and aims.
We strive to maintain a safe physical environment and an inclusive and supportive social environment, but accept that certain restrictions may need to be put in place for the Health & Safety of the individual and the Shed as a whole. We do our utmost to be inclusive and make adjustments where it is feasible, safe and financially viable to do so. The rights and the decisions of individuals are respected at all times as is their privacy and confidentiality. You do not have to be referred to come along and join us though some of our members have joined us through a referral, be it a friend, a friend of a friend or through another organisation such as Social Services, Support Workers or the NHS. Rhyl Men’s Shed was the first Community Shed to be established in North Wales and has been in existence since September 2013.






Our Team

Our organisation is run by a voluntary committee, we also have a number of paid staff.  You can download a copy of our structure from the home page.


Our current committee members are:


Chairperson – Shane

Vice Chair – Katy

Officers – David, John, Nigel, Scott



Brian Penney  |   Brian spent over 20 years running his own business locally before joining our group, a keen gardener and DIY enthusiast  ready to get stuck into the Allotment and Workshop with you.



Jayne Jones  |   Jayne is a qualified youth & community worker with degrees in youth work and criminology, she has lived and worked here in Rhyl all her life.