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 Welcome to Rhyl Men’s Shed

We provide a safe, supportive & friendly environment for men of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities to gather together and potter, tend the garden and poly-tunnel, do woodwork, craft and art projects, IT projects (or whatever else we are interested in).

We can learn, pass on knowledge, chat and make new friends or catchup with old ones.
If we don’t feel like working, that’s OK too. We can play / do research on the laptops, read the paper (if someone brings one in) or have a chat, (or just quietly chill) and a brew! We decide amongst ourselves what will happen on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. The shed is run by the men for the men. We do not judge. We are individuals who have a right to be treated fairly and equally. Bullying and harassment is not tolerated. A supportive element is there to help us to promote and stabilise our mental, physical, emotional and economic well being. Care/support workers are welcome to come along and/or stay with their service users (and of course, to lend a hand!) The Rhyl Men’s Shed open door policy means that we do not exclude any man (age 18+) on the basis of race, ability/disability, religion or age within the context of the groups existence and aims.

We strive to maintain a safe physical environment and an inclusive and supportive social environment, but accept that certain restrictions may need to be put in place for the Health & Safety of the individual and the Shed as a whole. We do our utmost to be inclusive and make adjustments where it is feasible, safe and financially viable to do so. The rights and the decisions of individuals are respected at all times as is their privacy and confidentiality. You do not have to be referred to come along and join us though some of our members have joined us through a referral, be it a friend, a friend of a friend or through another organisation such as Social Services, Support Workers or the NHS. Rhyl Men’s Shed was the first Community Shed to be established in North Wales and has been in existence since September 2013.



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Our Workshop

We have a great workshop equipped with a variety of hand & power tools that is free to use for making, repairing and building items.

Allotment & Polly-Tunnel

Our allotment and Polly tunnel gives members a chance to develop those green fingers, food grown here is used to feed local projects.

IT Equipment & Tech

Try out our supply of laptops and tablets, our 3D printer, the Drone or our Virtual Reality kit. Adult Learning Wales also run courses if your interested


Do you have skills that you could pass onto others? Why not be a mentor and share you skills with others to help build their confidence & skills.

Community Projects

Get involved in various Community Projects that help make Rhyl a better place to live and at the same time enhance your skills and experience.

Make new Friends

There is lots of things to do at the Shed, or just sit down and relax with friends, maybe have a chat and share a brew and biscuits or a nice meal.

Our Policies & Procedures

Mens Shed Constitution

Download a copy of our Constitution in PDF.

Health & Safety

Download a copy of our Health & Safety Policy.

Members Induction

Download a copy of our Induction form.

Annual Accounts

Download a copy of our most recent accounts.

Information Leaflet

Download a copy of our Information leaflet.

Meet our Team

Download a copy of our structural information.

Question & Answer

How do I join the Mens Shed?

Joining is simple, you can give us a call on the phone or email us to enquire, if you prefer, just drop-in during the opening hours and one of our welcoming staff will show you around and explain all the activities and rules. You don’t need to bring anything with you as we will try to provide everything you might need. if you feel a little shy just bring a friend until your settled in, there is no need to pay the £1 fee for your first two or three visits while you decide if its right for you.

What are the rules?

The Shed has a set of basic rules that have been created by the members themselves, these rules are focused on how to treat each other and are displayed on the walls. There are some extra safety rules that are explained once you become a member and if you want to use any tools or plant equipment.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself, everything is provided for you including materials and PPE if required, IT equipment and overalls are available and of course lots of free brew kit, juice and biscuits. If you would like a cooked meal these cost £1 but its optional or you can bring your own food

I want to join, but its scary!

We understand that often joining a new group can make you feel nervous, if you feel uncomfortable you can bring a support worker or friend along with you, or even speak to our staff before attending and they can try to accommodate any additional needs you may have.

Other Activities

Musical Skills

Why not try out your DJ skills or grab a Guitar from the House and bash out some tunes, if you cant play then there is always someone willing to help you learn bass, guitar or electric guitar. We also have a keyboard linked to a PC with editing software!

BBQ’s & Grills

During the summer we like to get out into the garden and do some work, a spot of gardening or woodwork then follow this up with a BBQ, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken and much more. Sometimes finished off with Ice Cream too!

Healthy Cooking

Do you like to get invloved in prepairing food and cooking? why not join in with our staff and other members in creating tasty meals for your friends, everyone is welcome to select, prepare and make meals using health ingrediants!

Fundraising & Enterprise

At Mens Shed many of our members get invloved in raising funds for the shed to do more activities, to date we have repaired furniture, sold DVD’s, created birdboxes and benches and even gift packs, nothing is off the cards and every little helps.

Sports & Healthy Games

We have a huge range of different equipment that can be used by members from footballs to tennis and yoga to skipping. It doesnt need to be exhausting or professional, just fun, friendly and accesable to everyone

Social & Community Events

Maybe our most popular days! it can be meals out for a Christmas Dinner to a trip out on a coach to Blackpool, its upto the members themselves to choose when and where the Shed goes, were all still hoping for a trip to Australia thought!.